Friday, May 6, 2011

Almost thirty

- It is necesary that I write down some things because I probably already have Alzheimer's disease

At roughly 8 years old, when I read 2 Sweet Valley High books, I remeber forming the first notions of what my pesonal future would probably look like:

I'd be prom queen, duh, that would be a given. Somehow I was also blond and effortlessly skinny. I'd probably be really famous with a terrific career raking in the millions and saving hurt and abandoned animals and being interviewed by national geographic almost daily, by the time I hit 18 (which is kinda old to an 8 year old)
I figured IF I decided to marry or have children or -gasp- both, I would do that after I had earned numerous doctorates, and established my financial empire.  I might have even waited till after I bought my first island, and had the groundbreaking on the wildlife refuge that would be not only named after me, but also funded in whole by me.  I would have dabbled in politics, winning major races effortlessly, and I would even have acidentally stumbled upon a Nobel prize in Biology after a late night in the lab when I discovered _______ (something really cool).  My real passion would have been (WARNING: cliche approaching) "helping people".

So this is exactly the way my life has worked out, and I couldn't be happier.

The End. 

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